• Wouldn't it be fabulous...

    ... to solve the thing that is worrying you right now

    Wouldn't it be fabulous ...

    ... to find exactly what will make a positive difference in your life.

    Wouldn't it be fabulous...

    ...to talk about your needs and be truly heard.

  • “the workshops to get you back to happy"

    We offer intimate Zoom workshops to take you from 'stuck' to 'sorted'.  

    You will be introduced to our contemporary interpretation of a 5000 year old book of wisdom. We call it the Profundity ALIVE Method. 

    The Profundity ALIVE Method is a path to your inner voice.
    It is the path which can reveal the solution that is going to work
    for you, because the solution is truly your own. 

    Profundity workshops are easy and great fun. They've assisted hundreds of participants gain a very personal understanding about the things that matter to them. 

  • Do you want to feel empowered again?

    Our workshops are tailor made for mature women.  Brochure- Click on button>>

  • I’ve spent a long time watching others learn, and teach, so as to refine how the workshops with you are efficient, useful and most importantly memorable. I want you to carry what the Profundity ALIVE  Method reveals for you into an empowered and bright future.

    Caring is what I'm about, and facilitating Profundity Workshops is where I am at my best. Facilitating is my meaningful way to be a part of a personal empowerment renaissance. I’m a qualified art teacher and CEO of Oceania Business Solutions. It took me over thirty years to create the Profundity ALIVE Method. I grew up in outer Sydney and now make the northern Gold Coast my home.


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  • Tapping in to your inner wisdom

    There's a fair swag of literature that suggests that we all have a little voice inside of us that represents the real us

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  • The Sincere Question

    2 August 2020
    The Sincere Question

    Mostly sincere questions are pesky and can be so frustrating that we push them right into the back of our minds. We try

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    Facilitator Discovery Session

    Come along to a 90 Minute Facilitator Discovery Session to see whether you would like to attend the Facilitator Training Program. Details will be advised. A donation of $50 must accompany your booking and will be donated to a Charitable Foundation of your choice



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