• My name is BB - The Profundity Lady

    I am 68 and have lived a fairly diverse life.  Came from half way round the world on a boat at age two to settle as a migrant in Australia. Did well at school not only academically but also in sport and community service.   Studied Science at Uni and ended up with a degree in Art Education. Taught in public and private schools. Three husbands, one gay, one with a disability and one with schizophrenia. Worked in the Australian Public Service, Private enterprise and family businesses. Travelled right around the world once and have experienced Shaman culture in Sulawesi as well as five star luxury in the Maldives.

    Cared for my 96 yr old mama til her life completed. Played music, sport, theatre and art; Climbed mountains and whitewater rafted remote rivers. Was a hippy and meditated for 20 years almost every day. Kept a journal, wrote poetry and music and short stories.

    I love beauty, all creative arts, the environment, justice and dignity for all people, and an end to war and poverty.

    In six decades one does a lot. And during much of that I also worked on and on, on my life's purpose.  The Profundity ALIVE Process which I now wish to share with you. 

    I’ve seen marriages saved, relationships refreshed, businesses steered to success. People have searched for personal philosophies and pursued new ways of thinking about life. Others have written books using Profundity, some have composed music or poetry after the inspiration they found. Some have designed a front garden; others a fashion item.

    May you always be true to you and spread love everywhere you travel.