• Preliminary Profundity ALIVE Workshop

    This is our flagship Video Conference Workshop [90 minute on each of four consecutive days] where attendees will each explore their personal topic or question.

    We use the Profundity ALIVE Process to take you fully through your topic or question until you reach the last step which is expressing your newly discovered intentions.

    • A sk the right question
    • L isten for clues from your inner voice
    • I nvestigate your personal clues
    • V alidate those clues in a group discussion
    • E xpress aloud your new found intentions.
  • Preliminary workshops commence every Monday.


    09:30     Welcome from your Facilitator
    09:45     Introductions and Tell us your topic.
    10:00     Round One
    10:45     Questions          
    11:00     Sign Off for the day



    09:30     Welcome from your Facilitator
    09:45     Round Two
    10:15     Round Three
    11:00     Sign Off for the day





    09:30     Welcome from your facilitator 
    09:45     Round Four
    10:15     Round Five

    11:00     Sign Off for the day 


    09:30     Welcome from your facilitator  
    09:45     Attendee #1 Solution
    10:00     Attendee #2 Solution
    10:15     Attendee #3 Solution
    10:30     Attendee #4 Solution
    10:45     Guidance Revelation
    11:00     Sign Off for the day

  • Registration is Essential.  Upon payment of your workshop fee you will receive a manual to help you to prepare your topi-quest and to prepare yourself for Video Conferencing.


    Register for Preliminary Workshop

  • Deep Dive My Question

    This is an option to explore a topic or question in more depth.  Each of five workshops focusses on an aspect of your enquiry to bring the entire enquiry into a holistic state.

    In no particular order, you will investigate five inter-related components of your enquiry.

    • The main thrust is the theme and basis of what you are seeking.
    • You will examine the source or origins of the enquiry so that you understand what gave rise to it and what motivates your interest in it.
    • Both the pattern and vibration of your enquiry are investigated. The pattern gives you  what is likely to happen in the practical arena and
    • The vibration addresses the effect socially or spiritually.
    • Every thing has a complement (meaning it goes well with something)  – that which balances it and provides the dynamic tension that forms a useful aspect of your understanding.

    The programme follows the same general format as the Preliminary Profundity ALIVE workshop with slightly longer time allocated to the investigation and validation parts of the process. You will also be engaging with participants who, like you, are already familiar with the process.

    The Program Schedule for the  Five Deep Dive Workshops is held in four staggered 90 minute sessions over five weekends. 

    The total cost  of the 20 session course will be $550 per person