• Live a Life you Love

    There is something magical about helping people reach their potential. As a facilitator you will play a gentle role of encouragement and support as people discover how to make the most of their workshop.

    A facilitator is always respectful; , kind and patient, giving participants time to contemplate their questions and the new and surprising revelations they will uncover.

    As a facilitator you have the honour to be present when participants genuinely help one another, without judgement or pressure, reach meaningful outcomes.  It takes a special person to be a facilitator and if you think you might have what it takes please enquire about our facilitator training program. 

    This is an eight session course followed be a residential retreat where you will be taken by the designer of  the Profundity ALIVE Process on an in-depth journey to learn all the nuances of this profound empowerment technique.

    If you are already a well-being practitioner you may wish to value add Profundity workshops as a tool or a resource.