• Tapping in to your inner wisdom

    There's a fair swag of literature that suggests that we all have a little voice inside of us that represents the real us after we strip away all the programming by society, family, peers and media etc.

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    The Sincere Question

    Mostly sincere questions are pesky and can be so frustrating that we push them right into the back of our minds. We try to pretend they aren’t there. We let ourselves become so distanced from getting that question answered that we don’t even know what the impact of that uncertainty can become.

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    Who needs happiness?

    What makes us jump for joy? Most commonly, people in the western world, want more wealth in the belief that riches will lead to happiness. There is an underpinning assumption that we need “something more” in order to be happy… and that wealth will buy us time for better things. Many different

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